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Detect, plan, implement and track Energy Control Measures with our  Integrated Energy+IAQ Wizard, which integrates Building Automation Systems with power and IAQ Sensors. Centrally manage ECMs and create operating rules to maximize and sustain energy savings.
Continuously monitor key metrics of Indoor Air Quality: Temperature; Relative Humidity, CO2, CO, O3, chemical vapors and Particulates.
Researchers find, that Monitoring and Verification capability saves between 11% and 28% energy consumption. M&V capability is a requirement of energy efficiency programs such as Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (C-PACE), utility provider rebates and most incentives.


Lighting accounts for 40% of facility electricity consumption. LED technology uses half the electricity of others and lasts up to 5x longer. Few commercial customers realize incentives offered for upgrading to the newest generation of LED bulbs and drivers. See even greater efficiency, improve aesthetics and maximize ongoing savings. If you made the switch to LED 5 years ago or more, it’s time. Fixture (not just bulb) replacement is often overlooked yet is key to reaping full benefit. 
Programmable versus Sensing Controls 
Though efficiency of automated controls is unmatched. programmable controls are often intimidating and overridden. SIC Energy Solutions feature occupancy/vacancy sensing and step-down dimming for their effortless function. Daylight harvesting takes into account available sunlight from windows and doors, tailoring light intensity by proximity. Current LED technology bypasses controllers, with smart fixtures that “talk” to each other.


Maximize efficiency of grid electricity, with Power Factor correction, surge/spike suppression and noise filtration. Powerworx smoothes and recycles harmonic distortions throughout a facility. Most effective at major inductive loads (motors, pumps, HVAC equipment), units are mounted at the main and sub panels, in parallel so that a malfunction cannot harm your electrical system. 
Thousands of units have been installed since 1993, saving between 3 ½% and 15% in energy consumption for most  commercial  customers. Industrial customers reap greater benefits, with a bottling plant reporting a 23% reduction in electrical spend. SIC Energy Solutions include power sensors Power Sensors with each Powerworx unit for continuous M&V reporting.


Lessen the burden on your HVAC to maintain set temperature and reap rewards in energy savings. Today’s window films not only reduce solar heat gain but do a better job of maintaining conditioned air temperatures by reducing the rate of thermal transfer from interior to exterior. Blast-and-ballistic-rated grades dramatically improve safety and are highly recommended for curtain wall glass and glass doors. A full range of tints maintain architectural design integrity, from imperceptible to blackout.  



Return safely to pre-pandemic ventilation with proven air and surface disinfection developed for space travel and proven in critical care units. Includes components described in the coming ASHRAE standard for purified indoor air versus fresh air exchanges. Tested in FDA-certified labs for efficacy and safety, legal for sale in California (several competitors are not.) Every ActivePure product uses the same technology as the Class 2 Medical Device, in a variety of form factors (duct-mount, outlet-mount, ceiling tile mount, wall/wall unit-mount and portable.) Maintains 99.9% pathogen free facilities. Integrates with SIC.ES Energy+IAQ Wizard for continuous monitoring and verification as well as maintenance interval validation.


PureAir Geo takes geothermal technology to a new level in several ways: 
Control- Independently controlling humidity and temperature not only allows comfort without excessive cooling or heating, but also prevents conditions friendly to viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Installation- No deep drilling or extensive excavation and piping. Simply bury a septic-sized tank and connect inlet and outlet lines. Compact forced air units easily fit into equipment closets or machine rooms. No rooftop components.
Power- Running on just 48V DC power, PureAir Geo systems are easily run directly from solar panels without an inverter and susbsequent power loss in conversion. In short, these systems run on about 70% less electricity than other HVAC systems.
Simplicity- No external dehumidifier or humidifier required, as their functions are integrated into the system. Enjoy cloud-based control from any mobile or desktop devices.


In-person participation is a choice. Cultivate peace of mind with instant notifications, equipment activations and IoT-backed tools that provide a forum for dialogue, response and action. Shape occupant feedback and reviews to maintain a positive online reputation.


In an emergency, minutes count. Notify in seconds, using your entire digital landscape. Activate equipment instantly for maximum protection.


Reach employees where they are, on the fly. Skip the inconvenience and expense of in-person information gathering sharing and training with digital postcards and media archiving.


Transparency builds trust, but dialogue builds loyalty. Demonstrate your commitment to in-person participation by taking messaging a step further, to feedback processing and action. Shape your own narrative and turn negative perceptions into positive online reviews and recommendations.

Payments to Profits 

Let your current utility and tax payments begin to work for you instead. Recent legislation has removed nearly all of the roadblocks that always seem to delay action on energy conserving measures. Chances are, long term finance programs, tax breaks and other incentive programs can largely subsidize energy efficiency and interior improvement projects. Let's take a look at your facilities and see what's possible. In some cases, money you can be reimbursed for improvements you've already made.  

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